Post-Natal Service

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Minutes of Meeting
Venue: Econ LR 4.4
Date: 26th March 2005
Time: 335 pm
1. Zanita Hazliana Zanon (0129202)
2. Mardiana Binti Ishak (0128934)
3. Samat Hamid (0127425)
4. Engku Noraini Engku Abdullah (0128034)
5. Zurul Aisya Osman (0216718)


Company’s Detail
1.1. Company Name is agreed by group members on previous meeting that be named Mom’s Aspiration.
1.2. The company’s address was given by Zanita Hazliana Zanon which is 812, Taman Bukit Kapar, Jalan Iskandar, 42200 Klang. This address belongs to Zanita’s father office address. We will discuss on the maps and building pictures in our next meeting.
1.3. Company’s Logo had been agreed by group members on previous meeting.
1.4. Mardiana Ishak had a copy of example on registration and license numbers. However, research must be done in order to attained more information on registration and license numbers for the company.
1.5. Zanita Zanon, our manager had proposed that the pictures of board directors will be taken using digital camera. These pictures will be taken on Monday 30 May 2005 after EOP (LE 4600) class.
1.6. Each group members had been assigned a task to give their job description of each director.

Company‘s Motto had been agreed by Sir Fauzi bin Kamarudin which is “Healthy Life begins at Home”.

Company’s Vision was created by Zurul Aisya Osman which is “aims at becoming a leading post-natal service centre which sales to restore the dynamic and progressiveness of a healthy family.”

Company’s Mission statement is “to provide or support the best treatment during their post-natal period.”

We had agreed from Zanita Hazliana Zanon idea that shareholder of the company will consist of the board directors of the company and partners outside the business. The shareholders will be at least 10 persons.

Company’s Ground Rules had been discuss and completed in previous meeting.
Until 26 May 2005, we already have 5 minute meetings and agendas including this minute meeting.

Zanita Hazliana Zanon and Mardiana Ishak will discuss on flow or gun chart of production/operation after the meeting end.


Executive Summary will be discussed later in the next meeting.

Table of Content will be complete after the business proposal is done. This job will be done by the secretary.

3.1. CEO or Manager of the group will collect the background of the group members for the Background Principals.
3.2. Company’s Origin will be discussed later in the next meeting after Zanita Hazliana Zanon gets all the information for the shareholders.
3.3. It is agreed by the group members that the idea of the post-natal service is through experience of difficulties and observation. This will be included under Business Origin.

Description of Business
4.1. Industry Overview had been discussed earlier by our lecturer Sir Fauzi Mohd Kamarudin that our business falls under “Health Care and Services”.
4.2. Position in the industry for our service is on maternity and mid-wife.
4.3. Our competitors will be the hospitals, maternity clinic, mid-wife and maid.
In this topic several questions had been raise and discussed:
· Engku Noraini Engku Abdullah suggest that the competitors profile had to be analyze in order to know the post-natal period, because certain clinic and hospital will provide post-natal service.
· Zanita Hazliana Zanon explained that mothers who give birth in hospital (operation/scissoring) will be given a family plan package.
· Engku Noraini Engku Abdullah suggested that our post-natal service provide additional service such as slimming centre for mothers after giving birth.
· All of the group members do not agree because this will divert our motto to provide “Healthy Life”.
· Zurul Aisya Osman explained that post-natal service concerned on health of the mothers and babies based on the care, food and medicine.
4.4. Under competitors’ profile, all the price range and features of our service will be discussed on our next meeting.

Description of Market
5.1. Target Market (Customer)
· Mothers
· Races: Malay, Chinese and Indian only.
· Middle-Income family
· Career Women
5.2. Target Area
· View 1: Gombak, Selangor
· View 2: Selangor and Kuala Lumpur
· View 3: Established in small area, later after the business had grow, we will planned to open a few branches all over Malaysia.

5.3. Substitutes will be discussed later in the next meeting.

5.4. Zurul Aisya Osman had been given a task on searching the price range on market strategy. We had agreed to used testimonials, posters, flyers and brochures for our business promotion and advertisement.

5.5. Under “Market Penetration Projection and Strategies”, we would hired local employees only which consisted of mid-wife and housewife from villages. Training will be given for the housewife; therefore they could earned additional income by working with the post-natal service. We would use herbs for traditional medicine and product named, “Sendayu Tinggi” for modern medicine.

5.6. Competition Analysis will be discussed later in the next meeting.

Description of Market
6.1. Services
· Mothers Care
· Babies Care
· Counseling
6.2. Key Features
· They are several packages:
Ø Normal birth
Ø Operation
Ø Stay the whole period of post-natal
Ø Only on call
Ø Traditional
Ø Modern
6.3. Pricing Strategy
In general view, we can’t assume the price range only through stage of income. There are still possibilities that post-natal service falls under the “Willingness to Pay” by the consumers because, this service is categories in health. More research of the price strategy must be done which are:
· Demand
· Elasticity
· Opportunity Cost

6.4. Status of Research and Development
In this topic, group members had agreed to add 2 members in board of directors which are:
· Research and Development Officer
· Medical Consultant
Other than that, we would hired a lawyer for the company to deal with legal documents.

Ownership and Management Structure
7.1. Organization Structure will be discussed later in the next meeting.
7.2. Communication Flow
It is agree by the group members that we would have birocracy in our organization.
7.3. Engku Noraini Engku Abdullah will find more information for the price range on “Remuneration Scheme”. It had been discussed earlier that for starting a new company we would have:
· Mid-Wife - 10
· Driver -2
· Office Cleaner -2
· Lawyers -1
· Medical Consultant -1
· Trainer (Part Time/Permanent)-2

7.4. Training will be given for the housewife and also mid-wife. The permanent trainer will have good skills in post-natal care.

Samat Hamid will find more information on our company’s “Financial Analysis”. It had been discussed briefly that we budget RM 1K-2K for our building office. The office must be large because we would include in-house training. We also agreed to have 2 vans. Other fixed assets, preliminary expenses, break even analysis, projected cash-flow statement, income statement, balance sheet, authorized and paid up capital will be discussed later in the next meeting.

Zanita Hazliana Zanon had suggested that we should get view from doctors on our post-natal services.

Meeting adjourned: 455pm

Prepared by:
(Mardiana Binti Ishak)
postnatal at 5:03 PM

Friday, May 20, 2005

To: Zanita Hazliana Zanon, Manager.
From: Mardiana Binti Ishak, Secretary.
Date: 17 May 2005

Attached is the report of our field trip to IIUM Health Care that had been conducted on 16 May 2005 for group work project on Post-Natal Service. From the interview with had able to know the usage of English Language in the office, information and guidelines for Post-Natal Service group project.

Interview Results
A. Usage of English Language in the office
-From the interview, almost all the officers in IIUM Health Care communicate in Malay.
-Training or exam for staff in IIUM Health Care on English course are centralized from the Human Resource Department and CELPAD.
-All general letters for the government are written in Bahasa Melayu.
-All the general letters for suppliers and other IIUM department are written in English.
-Employees of IIUM Health Care encourage using English as a medium of communication through reading material that had been provided by IIUM Health Care.
-We had able to get one example memo from IIUM Health Care.

B. Information and Guidelines for Post-Natal Service.
-IIUM Health Care provide anti-natal check up service.
-All post-natal check up for staff and student of IIUM will be transfer to Hospital.
-Human Resource of IIUM will handle recruitments of employees (doctors and officers).
-Compensation or salary for the employees of IIUM Health Care are given by the accordingly to scales by the government to IIUM.
-Profit that IIUM Health Care earn from the public that used their service are given to the University (IIUM).

Although IIUM Health Care use Bahasa Melayu to communicate among the employees, the staff and doctors from IIUM Health Care could communicate using English Language to the patient. Most of the general letters in the office are written in English. Finally, Encik Abdul Ghani bin Abdul Kadir explained to open maternity clinic in IIUM Health Care would be against the objective of the organization.

Enclosure: Report on Field Trip to IIUM Health Care.

postnatal at 5:13 PM

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Minutes of Meeting
Venue: Econ Café
Date: 17th March 2005
Time: 315 pm
1. Zanita Hazliana Zanon (0129202)
2. Mardiana Binti Ishak (0128934)
3. Samat Hamid (0127425)
4. Engku Noraini Engku Abdullah (0128034)
5. Zurul Aisya Osman (0216718)

Company’s Logo
Engku Noraini Engku Abdullah had submitted the sketch of the company’s logo.

Our lecturer, En Mohd Fauzi Bin Kamarudin had assigned group and individual homework on 16 and 17 May 2005.

1. Transmittal Memo (Individual)
We had discussed on the transmittal memo homework that have to be done individually. The transmittal memo is on the group field trip to IIUM Health Care.

2. Sample of Letters (Group Work)
Samat had brought all the sample letters:
· Job Application Letter
· Claim and Adjustment Letter
· Inquiry Letter
· Reply Letter
· Sales Letter
· Cover Letter

3. Tips on good business letters (Group Work)
Samat had able to contribute his internet findings on several tips of good business letters.

4. Letter for Sponsor (Group Work)
Samat had agreed to do type this task. Each of the group members had discussed on the format and points in the letter for sponsorship.

5. Job Application Letter (Individual)
Each of the group members had discussed on points for the homework given today.

1. Samat had proposed that the group should have our own fund or saving. Therefore, it would be easy for the group to use the money for group work purpose.
2. The group members still deciding the type of gift to be given to En Abdul Ghani bin Abdul Kadir to show our appreciation for his time on our interview field trip on 16 May 2005.

Meeting adjourned: 410pm

Prepared by:
(Mardiana Binti Ishak)
postnatal at 10:59 PM

This is merely a group project on the course of "Language For Occupational Purpose(ENM)" - LE 4600, on Semester 3 2004/2005 in International Islamic University of Malaysia. Zanita Hazliana Zanon (0129202)
Mardiana Ishak (0128934)
Samat Hamid (0127425)
Zurul Aisya Osman (0216718)
Engku Noraini Engku Abdullah (0128034)
Mohd Fauzi Kamarudin
“Healthy Life begins at Home”
“aims at becoming a leading post-natal service centre which sales to restore the dynamic and progressiveness of a healthy family.”
“to provide or support the best treatment during their post-natal period.”

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